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60-degree soft jaws "Suke-san"

What is a 60-degree jaws "Suke-san"?

60-degree soft jaws "Suke-san"

If you try to hold a workpiece tightly by the soft chuck jaws, the workpiece changes shape, so we developed 60-degree soft chuck jaws "Suke-san"
The power is more balanced than the soft chuck jaws, so Suke-san can curb the workpiece's transformation.


  1. Higher holding power
  2. Surface contact
  3. Larger grasp width

Grasp force of 60-degree soft jaws "Suke-san" is different from soft chuck jaws.

Grasp force of soft round jaws is twice as much as soft chuck jaws. Oil pressure is half.

The grasp width of 60-degree soft jaws "Suke-san" is different from chuck jaws.

  • 1.18 inches wide chuck jaws grip the workpiece from 3 ways, whereas 60-degree soft jaws "Suke-san" wrap the workpiece in 60-degree quarter sector.
  • Also, 60-degree soft jaws "Suke-san" complete paying attention to balance of high speed processing.

Lighten strain [60-degree soft jaws]

Processing strain of chuck jaws and our 60-degree soft jaws "Suke-san".

Great improvement of processing strain

Soft jaws for NC lathe. Illustration of strain theory.

60-degree soft jaws "Suke-san" Soft chuck jaws
60-degree soft jaws "Suke-san"

60-degree soft jaws "Suke-san" are 60-degree quarter sector, therefore, even though a bigger workpiece is able to be curbed the occurrence of the strain.

Soft chuck jaws

Regarding soft chuck jaws , when a bigger workpiece is gripped, the percentage of the grasp width become small so the strain occurs.

Available for eccentric processing

60-degree soft jaws "Suke-san" hold the variety of grasped parts.

Don't you process all shapes by only chuck jaws?

Actually, chuck jaws are the best only for the ... process.

Sometimes the chuck jaws causes the strain or chatter mark in the process of the thin or hollow workpiece. In that regard, sector jaws hold larger areas, and the balance of power become more equal than the chuck jaws , so it is useful to prevent chatter mark and strain.

Soft round jaws hold the variety of grasped parts.

60-degree soft jaws "Suke-san" can be used for all types of workpiece.

60-degree soft jaws "Suke-san" Soft chuck jaws

Workpiece (variety of processing)

60-degree soft jaws "Suke-san"

Workpiece (variety of processing)

Soft chuck jaws

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