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Assistant industry in 2009

Setup by general purpose small 5-axis processing machine

Setup by general purpose small
5-axis processing machine

As an assistant industry in 2009, we have undertaken the task of the following.

  • Cutting process of difficult-to-cut materials
  • 6-4 titanium

The studying theme

In recent years, 6-4 titanium is commonly used for aircraft parts. We study the 6-4 titanium cutting method, its cutting tools and surrounding tools using a small general purpose machining center. Also, in order to accommodate the aircraft parts, we have installed the 3D CAD/ CAM (CATIA5 ), and examine the process flow from modeling, processing to the measurement.

Background (aircraft industry)

Recently, fuel-efficient passenger aircrafts are much in demand because of the fuel costs rising. For that reason, carbon is commonly used for air frame structure. As a result of this, titanium alloy which is compatible with carbon is adopted, and the number of parts is increasing. However, the process of the difficult-to-cut material titanium alloy takes much time and costs. Therefore, the study of the 6-4 titanium cutting method makes our technique improved, and we consider that orders in aircraft industry will be competitive. It is a studying to propose the best cutting tool and processing condition by 9 companies of tool makers.

Pocket processing
by cutting edge replaceable tool


Chase processing
by carbide solid cutting tool


3D processing
from CATIA data


Virtual aircraft parts processing from CATIA data


For any inquiries about process, please contact Kawachi. (planning sales department manager)


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