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Characteristics of training

1. Consistent leadership

TEKNIA College is born as a place to learn from ground up.
From upstream to downstream, you start by learning how to read Blueprints and then start practicing and then putting it into practice.

Consistent leadership

2. In small groups

Two students pre instructor. The participants will use their experience and knowledge when they are stuck on a problem.

3. Development and Flexibility

The graduates in the basic course will move up a step to (basic course II), (Apply course) applying the two courses, we will design a training curriculum.

Development and Flexibility

4. Flexibility

As a public training institute, to those who cannot handle the training, we train the participants` according to their level of skills.

Training environment

Training environment

Look at a diagram and then how to read the diagram starts.

  Training environment

Knowledge of the cutlery. There many kinds of cutlery. You will be able to select the kind of cutlery according to material and the shape.

  Training environment

Handling of the measurement tools. Those who torched for the first-time, will able to learn how to use a micrometer and a caliper.

  Training environment

At the time of training at the production facility in the main company, lectures are given.

  Training environment

We created a dedicated space on the second floor of the main plant with machines to practice on. Practice and training also become in working days.

Training environment

Basics learnt by training measures, we check the suitable training time.

  Training environment

Lathe Training Environment.We teach the new participant how to operate the Lathes

  Training environment

We have kept a promise in teaching simple tasks, such as (replacing chips)

  Training environment

The finished Mini Vice. At the end you will have direct experience in parallelism and processing.


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